Organic deodorants: how to choose the right one

No-gas, stick, roll-on, spray, cream or solid…

On the market there are so many different types of deodorant, that we often end up very confused. Which one should we pick?

How do you know which one is most suitable for you and your needs? Should you choose one that’s both organic and natural?

As you can see, the doubts and questions that arise can be many.

After all, choosing the right deodorant isn’t always that easy, not just in terms of fragrance but also of skin type.

Something needs to be said first: the armpit area needs to be treated with particular care and attention, as it is full of lymph nodes and glands. That is why you should try to avoid chemical and synthetic products that could irritate your skin.

Often we make the mistake of thinking that organic deodorants aren’t as effective as the more common ones found in shops. Recent studies however have debunked this myth. The secret? You need to first have a period of ‘detoxing’ from chemical products, so that your body can get rid of toxins and bacteria.

After all, the job of deodorant is that of removing odours from the armpit area, which for physiological reasons produces sweat. Deodorant therefore should just cover he body’s natural odours, without stopping us from sweating, as this help get rid of toxins. Chemical deodorants, by obstructing the pores, stop the body from cleansing itself fully.

Natural products require a transition phase of at least two weeks, after which freshness and a lovely smell are guaranteed, and will be equal to those of a ‘normal’ deodorant.

What are the essential features that an organic deodorant should have, then?

1) It needs to contain 100% natural products

2) it should not contain any chemical products such as parabens, which are harmful as they can interfere with the endocrine system  

3) it must be aluminium-free – as this substance stops sweat from forming properly, something that is needed in order for our body to be able to expel toxins

There are many 100% natural deodorant available on the market.

Many consider alum stone as the ultimate natural deodorant. This mineral not only helps avoid bad odours, but also gets rid of bacteria and helps the skin to heal, and can be very long lasting. Being 100% natural, alum stone (or potassium alum) is also suitable for those who suffer from allergies, as it is completely harmless.

Aloe Vera too can be very effective in covering up bodily odours. You can also choose products that contain essential oils such as lemon.

Whichever you choose, Nature will be on your side!

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