Grapefruit: 8 ways it is good for your health

grapefruit beneficial properties

The Christmas holidays ended a few weeks ago, unlike the guilty feelings about being a bit too enthusiastic with food during the festive period. Between cake, panettone, various delicacies and traditional dishes, maybe we have overdone it a little…!

But that’s okay; after all, it’s the holidays. The important thing is getting back on track as soon as possible: it is true that bikini weather is still very far away – unfortunately or thankfully? – but it is best to immediately go back to a healthy and balanced diet. 

Sporty types love bananas, those who are watching their calories prefer apples. Well, if you who are reading this have also made an unbreakable pact with your scales, you should also know that you can find an ally for your diet in grapefruit.

This citrus fruit has many benefits, is rich in fibres, vitamin A, B and C, minerals and water.

What does this tell you?

That, besides helping quench your thirst, it is also a slimming food, ideal if you want to lose weight and especially indicated for combating water retention and the dreaded cellulite.

And what’s more, it is great against stress eating. You know, that thing that suddenly grabs you and that makes you want to consume the entire contents of your fridge.

As it has a high fibre content, grapefruit is filling and reduces the feeling of hunger. Something not to be underestimated, especially if you suffer from PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome).

If we haven’t yet convinced you to add it to your shopping list, here are some other health benefits of grapefruit which will even make you like its slightly sour and bitter taste.

It strengthens immune defences

Yes, an apple a day perhaps does ‘keep the doctor away’, but grapefruit is pretty awesome too. Eating it for breakfast or drinking its juice helps strengthen our body against viruses and bacteria.

This is thanks to the effect of the vitamins it contains, which are particularly effective against bacterial infections.

It aids digestion

Both the juice and the fruit itself help cleanse the intestine and aid digestion, that is why it is best eaten at the end of a meal.  Grapefruit stimulates the gastric juices thanks to the fibres it contains, helping digest proteins better, something that makes it especially suitable for people with digestion problems.

It helps fight insomnia and fatigue

Grapefruit has a dual effect: thanks to tryptophan, it helps you relax and sleep more soundly. Just drink a glass of juice before going to bed and that’s it.

And that’s not all, thanks to the nootkatone it contains, it helps your metabolism produce more energy: a manna from heaven against tiredness and fatigue!

It is effective against diabetes

Thanks to the presence of flavonoids that help regulate blood sugar levels, grapefruit is a good ally even against diabetes, helping to avoid or at the very least limit glycaemic peaks.

It is a good friend to your heart

It helps reduce levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol,  thus protecting the heart and cardiovascular system, while the high potassium content helps fight arterial hypertension.

It may help prevent cancer

Grapefruit contains two substances that are very important for our health and body: naringenin and limonene, both powerful antioxidants that might help keep cancer at bay. Lycopene too, which is especially present in pink grapefruit, may be helpful against prostate cancer.

Uses and contraindications

As explained above, you can eat the fruit or drink the juice, but you can also mix it in with other fruits if you’re not that keen on the taste. And those who like to get creative in the kitchen can use grapefruit as an ingredient in sweet and sour dishes.

There are also grapefruit-based natural supplements which, combined with other 100% natural ingredients, help give you a wellbeing boost. Our health says thank you!

It is not all plain sailing though: it has been demonstrate that this fruit can interfere with some kinds of medication. Just a little is enough to reduce the effect of a specific medication, or to increase its side effects, with potentially dangerous consequences for our health.

So, if you are taking any medication, ask your doctor for advice before eating grapefruit.

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