Going skiing this Christmas? Stay protected even at high altitudes


The count-down has started: Christmas is almost here!

Not just presents, family time, good food, sweet and classic games: for many – and also for the person who is writing this, I won’t deny it! – Christmas also means a pause from daily routine.

A break from work and busyness that comes like manna from the sky, some time to recharge our batteries and start the new year with renewed energy. 

During the Christmas holidays some people prefer to stay in town, others go to visit family away and others still take advantage of this to go on a trip to the seaside or the mountains, to enjoy some snow and show off their skiing skills.

Let’s not beat about the bush! We all know that in the summer or in the heat it is important to protect our skin from UV rays to avoid getting burned. But what about in the mountains?

When we leave for a skiing holiday, we think of everything but often forget about the damaging effects the sun can have at medium or high altitude.

The mistake we make is that of thinking that the sun will not burn us as it is hidden behind clouds, but sun rays do make their way through them too!

There isn’t anything more wrong then, than underestimating sun radiation in winter. “It has been observed that even during the coldest months, UVA rays are present”, highlights Dr. Corinna Rigoni, President of the Italian Association of Female Dermatologists.

When it comes to the mountains, things get even more serious: the intensity of the sun increases, and the fresh snow reflects UV radiations 5 times more than sand, while the air, which is thinner, lets more rays through.

It is smart to wrap up warm in cold temperatures, but even so, the parts of our body that are left exposed such as the face, ears and lips, need to be protected as they are extra sensitive to UV rays.

Moral of the story? 

The sun in the mountains is just as damaging as that on the beach, and cannot be underestimated!

If some of you who are reading this are planning a trip to exotic places or high altitudes, remember to always put a high-factor sunscreen lotion in your luggage, especially if you have delicate or sensitive skin, and for your kids.

Choose sunscreens that have natural filters and not substances that could cause allergies or irritations. So you can respect both the environment and yourself. After all, you really don’t want to ruin your Christmas holidays, do you?


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