Dry, chapped hands: 3 effective natural remedies to protect them


Winter has technically just started, but the freezing temperatures of the past few weeks have already got us used to the new season: it’s so cold, my friends!

Here in Milan in this past week we have suffered in sub-zero temperatures; at least though we have had a few snowflakes, which, together with the Christmas decorations and lights, has made the city even more magical.

When winter – and more generally, the cold – arrives, our skin however is seriously tested, especially those parts of our body which are more exposed: face, lips and hands.

Yes, because even with the many precautions we take to cover up and protect ourselves from the cold and the elements, these areas – which are more sensitive than the rest of our body – are also those most affected by the drop in temperature.

Dry lips and chapped hands are in fact two very common problems in this season. For the lips, the main advice is to keep them always hydrated with a rich, nourishing lip balm. You can also use a scrub from time to time to remove dead cells and regenerate the skin (try these do-it-yourself recipes for lip scrubs).

For hands instead, we can intervene in a number of ways.

The first one is to prevent chapping and irritation (such as itching, reddening and small cuts) by protecting our skin’s hydrolipidic film. What does this big word mean?

This is the natural protective barrier which covers the whole of our skin, protecting it and keeping it hydrated. When this layer is weakened – because of the cold, but also of the dry air found in closed spaces because of the heating – the skin can become chapped.

This is why it is important to keep it always hydrated. Use a delicate soap, free from preservatives, allergens and perfume, when washing our hands: products which create too much foam or are anti-bacterial tend to make sky dry.

Wash your hands with warm water and apply a hand cream immediately after. What cream though? Pay attention to the ingredients.

It is important to choose a cream which contains ingredients with a soothing and hydrating action, such as jojoba, Argan, almond or coconut oil, and Aloe Vera.

Some suggestions?

  • This Almond and Marigold hand cream has a firming and nourishing effect and leaves your hand smelling lovely thanks to its delicate flowery fragrance with hints of vanilla.  

At home you can instead use a number of masks and treatments which will give your hands some much needed care.

  1. Olive oil treatmentsuper easy and ultra-cheap. Ideal before going to bed: apply olive oil to your hands, wear some gloves and leave to work over night. In the morning your hands will be like new and as smooth as a child’s.
  2. Honey mask: stir some plant-based oil ( almond, olive, jojoba etc.) into some honey to soften it. Apply and leave on for 20-25 minutes, then gently rinse off
  3. Chamomile treatment. Prepare some chamomile tea using hot water and, once ready and cooled, immerse your hands in the infusion for at least ten minutes.


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