Christmas gifts for children: 4 educational toys

Regali di Natale educativi

One of the most eagerly anticipated moments for children as they prepare for Christmas is when the time comes for writing their letter to Father Christmas.

We all remember, maybe with a little nostalgia, letters full of our wishes, some of which would be granted, and others not.

This is undoubtedly a magical time of the year for all of us, but especially for children: the atmosphere, the sounds, the lights and the enchanted feel of these festive days set their imagination and daydreams free. And above all comes waiting for that chubby man all dressed in red, with his long white beard and his big belly, hoping to receive that gift they so dream of. 

For us parents this moment is just as lovely, but a little more complicated, seen as we have to get dressed up as Santa Clausshhh, keep the secret for a little bit longer – to make their wishes come true. 

Well, this is a task we happily undertake: who doesn’t love seeing the joy in their children’s eyes?

Buying gifts for our children at Christmas is one of the most satisfying parts of being a parent, as long as we have clear ideas on what to put under the tree.

Toys, obviously. We have already seen, a while ago, how through play children not only have fun, but also show their personality, their character and their immense thirst for dicovery. Playing is not just fun then, but a learning opportunity too. 

Of course, you’ll say, but the toy basket is already full! Ok, objection sustained.

So, why not use Christmas as an opportunity to gift them not just a simple toy, but a chance to learn something while having fun?

Moreover, as explained by the play therapist Paola Vinciguerra, the best presents are those that combine playing with opportunities for learning: “The majority of educational toys has a didactic aim, that is to help the child improve or further develop concepts they already have acquired, or to learn new ones. Educational toys are precious tools as they help stimulate intellectual development at every age, and they inspire creativity and imagination in the child through play”. 

An example?  Building blocks, the essential learning toy.

Children require the right tools to help them really boost their creativity, they need toys which don’t just ‘tell them what to do’ but which leave them free to experiment, and give a tangible shape to the fantastic world inside their mind. Just like Gigi Blocks, building blocks made of FSC-certified, 100% recyclable cardboard.

No instructions that limit your child’s imagination!

If you instead prefer classic board games, puzzles are a good choice: recreating an image or composing sentences which increase in difficulty using the different pieces provided both offer a great stimulus for developing creativity and logic in children. 

Ok, maybe they will not be the next Mozart or Beethoven – or maybe they will? – but music too can have an educational purpose in the development of your children. Discovering the world of musical notes has a positive impact on the cognitive development of each child, and contributes to memory training while strengthening creativity.

This wooden toy guitar by Sevi is therefore the perfect and most fun way to introduce your children to this world, a world that will be with them, inevitably, for their whole life. Maybe it will be thanks to you that they will become great musical artists, or, in the worst case scenario, they will always fondly remember the toy which was the soundtrack to their childhood. 

All made of wood, Sevi toys promote the development and strengthening of various key skills including coordination, contributing to filling up the bottomless tank which is children’s creativity.

So, dear mums and dads who are reading this: you are spoilt for choice! It will be harder to fit into Santa’s outfit than to choose the right educational toys for your little ones!

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