How to cleanse your face the natural way: 5 practical tips

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There’s just a little more than a month before Spring and it feels just wonderful! Everyone likes longer days, warmer temperatures, sunshine instead of rain or grey skies…and all these things are good for our skin too.  Yes, because the cold season really tests the skin on our face, and actually that on our entire body.

While we eagerly await springtime, here are some handy tips for some natural (and home-made) skincare treatments.

Step 1: steam bath

Regular steam baths are great for opening up pores. They are super simple and eco-friendly too: bring some water to the boil in a pot and, if you wish, add a bag of chamomile tea (or loose dry chamomile flowers)  or two teaspoons of baking soda: put a towel on your head and place your head over the steaming water, and simply let your skin absorb the steam.

Step 2: scrub 

For a do-it –yourself and totally eco-friendly scrub, you need just three ingredients:

  • honey
  • sugar (or salt)
  • lemon

Mix them together and apply on your face avoiding the area around the eyes, and then remove using lukewarm water.

Step 3: cleanse

After the scrub, your skin needs to be cleansed. How? You can use a normal cleanser or a natural one, for example olive oil (if your skin isn’t oily) or rose water: massage it in using circular movements to boost circulation, and then rinse out.

Step 4: purify 

Next, we need to really purify the skin: choose the face mask most suitable for you! Usually, for a homemade face mask you can use natural yoghurt and honey, which are nourishing and anti-bacterial: leave on for around 30 minutes and then rinse out with warm water.

Step 5: minimise pores and hydrate

To minimise your pores, use a natural toner. Here are two simple recipes:
– for sensitive skin, leave a bag of chamomile tea  in some water for around one hour, then add three drops of apple cider vinegar  to make up a small bottle of toner

– purée a cucumber (without the peel), filter the juice out, then add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a little demineralised water.  Mix it all up and apply to face and neck in the morning and at night time for skin that’s glowing. Finally, apply your usual face cream. 

Why not find some time this weekend to care for your face a little?

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